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Kill Bill Vol 2 Soundtrack

Download Kill Bill Vol 2 Soundtrack MP3 Free Of Charge in Mp3 Download uploaded by Soundtracks in Order. The kill-bill-vol-2-soundtrack have 2019-04-16 18:15:02 and PT1H12M11S. Details of Kill Bill Vol. 2: The Complete Soundtrack MP3 check it out.
Kill Bill Vol. 2: The Complete Soundtrack

Kill Bill Vol. 2: The Complete Soundtrack

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3 years ago
Kill Bill - Vol. 2 [Soundtrack]

Kill Bill - Vol. 2 [Soundtrack]

1 year ago
Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack - About Her

Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack - About Her

12 years ago
About Her

About Her

Malcolm McLaren - Topic
5 years ago

Full credit goes to the various artists listed down below. It's time to celebrate the master of mix tapes Quentin Tarantino with his longest soundtrack to date, Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2. Technically last year was the official anniversary for Vol. 1, therefore the anniversary for Kill Bill as a whole. To make up for that, I've uploaded both Volumes on the official release date for Vol. 2. Also, I apologize for not having an entirely complete soundtrack. There were some Rodriguez tracks as well as a couple other pieces of music that I unfortunately couldn’t find any clean copies of, but I did the best I could. Hope you enjoy, and happy 15th anniversary to Kill Bill.

1. A Silhouette of Doom: 00:00
2. A Few Words from the Bride: 02:55
3. IL Tramonto: 03:38
4. Do I Look Pretty?: 04:53
5. Dies Irae: 06:22
6. Budd’s Lonely Trailer: 08:33
7. A Satisfied Mind: 09:38
8. A Fistful of Dollars: 12:28
9. Can’t Hardly Stand It: 14:16
10. IL Mercenario (Ripresa): 17:04
11. The Legend of Phi Mei: 19:12
12. Steps of Fury: 21:20
13. Three Tough Guys: 22:28
14. Invincible Pole Fighter: 25:01
15. L’Arena: 26:37
16. The Chase: 31:23
17. Sunny Road to Salina: 32:27
18. Death Incarnate: 36:52
19. Budd Twang: 39:29
20. Tu Mira (Edit): 40:44
21. Summertime Killer: 44:45
22. About Her: 48:26
23. Truly and Utterly Bill: 53:18
24. The Demise of Barbara/The Return of Joe: 54:07
25. Malagueña Salerosa: 58:10
26. Goodnight Moon: 01:02:17
27. Black Mamba (Instrumental): 01:06:22
Bonus Track. Black Mamba: 01:09:33

Various Artists:
Ennio Morricone
Robert Rodriguez
Nora Orlandi
Johnny Cash
Charlie Feathers
Isaac Hayes
So Chun Hou
Stephen Shing
Alan Reeves
Phil Steele
Philip Brigham
Daniel Bevilacqua
Lole y Manuel
Luis Enrique Bacalov
Malcom McLaren
The Wu Tang Clan