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Deskripsi Lauv - Tattoos Together (lyric video)

Lauv - Tattoos Together (lyric video)
Song: Tattoos Together - Lauv lyrics
Indie pop & chill music with lyrics: 🌷

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Lyrics Tattoos Together - Lauv:

00:00 Said I'd never fall
00:05 I'd never fall
00:05 I'd never fall
00:06 but then I fell for you, mm
00:09 Back against the wall
00:12 against the wall
00:13 Against the wall
00:14 that's how it felt with you, mm, mm
00:19 One weekend in Portland
00:23 You weren't even my girlfriend
00:26 We were walkin' and talkin'
00:30 Then somebody said
00:32 Let's get tattoos together
00:37 something to remember
00:39 If it's way too soon
00:40 fuck it, whatever
00:43 Give me shapes and letters
00:44 if it's not forever
00:46 Then at least we'll have tattoos together
00:50 Mm, 'cause I love you
00:54 Mm, 'cause I love you
00:58 Mm, 'cause I love you
01:02 Mm
01:05 Knew it from the moment, from the moment
01:08 From the moment
01:09 that I saw you naked, mm, yeah
01:13 I could never love nobody else, nobody else
01:17 The way I loved you, baby, mm, mm
01:21 One weekend (weekend)
01:23 no sleepin' (sleepin')
01:25 You weren't
01:26 even my girlfriend, yeah
01:29 We were kissin', like, real kissin'
01:33 Then somebody said
01:35 Let's get tattoos together
01:39 something to remember
01:41 If it's way too soon
01:43 fuck it, whatever
01:45 Give me shapes and letters
01:47 if it's not forever
01:49 Then at least
01:50 we'll have tattoos together
01:53 Mm, 'cause I love you
01:57 Mm, 'cause I love you
02:00 Mm, 'cause I love you
02:04 Mm, tattoos together
02:08 Yeah, your cherry earrings
02:11 are my favorite (favorite)
02:13 It looks so good, I had to save it (save it)
02:17 I've been hopin', prayin' we last forever
02:21 'Cause there's nothin'
02:22 better than you and I
02:24 Tattoos together
02:26 something to remember
02:28 If it's way too soon
02:30 fuck it, whatever
02:32 Give me shapes and letters
02:34 if it's not forever
02:36 Then at least we'll have tattoos together
02:40 Mm, 'cause I love you
02:43 Mm, 'cause I love you
02:47 Mm, 'cause I love you
02:51 Mm (oh)
02:54 Oh yeah
02:57 Mm, oh yeah
03:01 Mm, hm


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